Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to have a read about what's behind the brand.

arla & finn is an Australian East Coast based women's maternity and feedwear clothing brand. We wanted to create an Australian lifestyle brand that focuses on including the functionalities for the modern mother without the sacrifice of personal style and charm - essentially maternity and feedwear that doesn't look like maternity and feedwear. We began our journey in 2018 and now after many years of sketching, sampling and perfecting - we are finally launching our very loved collection of staple pieces for the modern mother.

I'm Lauren and I am the founding director for arla & finn and I personally want to say that it's an honor to be taking part in such an extraordinary experience in your life. I really do hope that you feel both comfortable and stylish. Designed for mothers, season to season, year to year, and forever timeless in your lifetime and in your wardrobe.


Sending love to you and your babes.