We understand that participating in the fashion industry can have ramifications on the environment.  Because of this, we are relentless on developing best practices - ethically, morally and sustainably in all areas of our business.



We have designed our garments with longevity and sustainability in mind, using quality manufacturing and fabrics. We use natural fibers, which is best for both your skin and the planet. It's paramount our garments are ethically manufactured, so we've chosen to support a small business in Indonesia to hand-make our designs for you. Minimum order quantities are carefully managed to mitigate surplus stock.



We are dedicated to being environmentally conscious and strive to minimize our footprint as much as possible.

  • Our HQ is ran on solar energy - with all waste being re-used, recycled or composted.
  • All of our parcels are sent in compostable packaging (mailers, tissue paper, stickers, thank you cards).
  • Swing tags are not included in our label to reduce as much disposal connected to our brand as much as possible.
  • We choose to use a 100% carbon neutral delivery service (meaning that your net release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is zero).



We acknowledge we're only at the start of our brand's sustainable journey.  We have much much more work and learning to do to help evolve towards a planet-conscious and sustainable future. Below are our goals for 2021:

  • Re-purposing off-cuts from factory to absorbed back into brand designs.
  • Continual research and implementation of fabrications and dyes that have a positive impact on the environment and the human body.
  • Zero waste to landfill through waste, reduction, reuse and recycling.
  • Partnering with charity organisations.